Leather Art Exhibition "Man in Nature / Left Signs"

free of charge
Event date
2019-10-12 To 2019-11-09


Fifteen artists from Lithuania and Latvia present their works at the Kurhaus exhibition space, an international exhibition of leather art objects “Man in Nature / Left Signs”. Among them are Lolita Grabauskienė, a lecturer in glass, ceramics, leather and textile art at Kaunas College of Arts, Lolita Grabauskienė, and Sigutė Bronickienė, a lecturer in Design Studies.

Organized for the fourth year in a row, the exhibition features works by artists from other fields of art alongside the work of professional leather artists. They are all united by their choice of material and their approach to nature as a source of inspiration.

Excessive consumerism has moved man away from nature, but voices are increasingly being made to stop and think, stop devastating, and pollute nature. Artists are sensitive to the excessive exploitation of nature, the resulting ecological problems, and the irreversible changes in nature.