Kino Pavasaris / Gordon & Padi

free of charge
Event date
2019-03-31 16:00 To 17:00


2017 / Sweden / 62 min / V

Director - Linda Hambäck
Scriptwriters - Janne Vierth
Actors - Stellan Skarsgård, Melinda Kinnaman, Felix Herngren
Producers - Linda Hambäck, Lina Jonsson
Operator - Gabriel Mkrttchian
Editor - Elinor Bergman, Linda Hambäck, Hannes Knutsson
Composers - Martin Landquist
Sales Agent - New Europe Film Sales
Distributor - Film Spring Distribution
Dialogues - Swedish
Subtitles - Lithuanian, English
“The animated history of many film festivals will appeal to both the little ones and their parents. The first will go into adventure with colorful heroes, and the second will be able to survive nostalgia, remembering the old animation - two-dimensional hand-drawn telling about eternal values. It's a beautiful tale of friendship and not being superstitious. ”(G. Kukta)

Meet the frog Gordon. Forest Detective Dreaming About… Retirement. But who will take care of the beasts if Gordon comes out for a holiday? One day the old detective meets a shy mousse with a great smell but is unnamed. Gordon calls her Padi and starts patronizing. Now, new colleagues are beginning to clap the complex case - who stole Voveren nuts? Are foxes nailed - the biggest horrors of the forest population? Is it really so bad for longevity?

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