Kaunas Jazz presents Ground Heights

free of charge
Event date
2019-04-12 19:00 To 20:00


With: Hewan Meshesha (vocals), Omer Keynan (keyboard), Yotam Cohen (guitar), Roee Cohen (bass) and Michael Cork (drums)

This year, a group of Lithuanians come to be fascinated, and it is increasingly not only in its home country. Ground Heights is a group that was founded a few years ago and is led by Hewan Meshesha, an Ethiopian singer born in Israel. Interestingly, she was only thinking about her musical career when she was in the army - after leaving the service, led by a girlfriend, joined the conservatory and soon joined Groundhearts who met her here.

The name of the group (in Lithuanian - Earth Highlands) also represents the opposites in its music. Mat Ground Heights creates and plays what is difficult to say in words - an unusual cocktail shaken from jazz, rock, soul, r'n'b, fiery African folklore rhythms, even Jamaican regio, dub and hip-hop.

The eclectic and sophisticated sound is already captured in the first album of the band, featuring songs in English, Hebrew, and Amharic in Ethiopia. It is a music that is perfect for dancing, but it sounded great at a concert organized by Ground Heights with the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra.
From crowded music clubs to solid concert halls, this band finds its place everywhere, building a bridge between East and West, miserable youth music and long-standing jazz traditions. This spring, music listeners will talk a lot about Israel - just because this country will host the so-called Eurovision. However, we dare to guess that these concerts, which will take place in Birštonas, Panevėžys and Palanga, will be at least full of musical colors, emotions and impressions than the biggest European song contest.