Jurga - Birthday tour

Event date
2022-02-05 19:00 To 20:15


Jurga, who will soon be celebrating her birthday, invites you to the most important concerts of the year! An exceptional Jurga's birthday concert will take place on February 5 in Birštonas.

The birthday performances will feature an exclusive program - songs from Jurga's latest vinyl record, sentimental and favorite songs from all careers, as well as the most festive songs about the birth of dreams, feelings and love.
“It’s a birthday tour like never before! This year, the idea arose to make a month-long birthday party and celebrate it in concerts with my listeners! ”.
Jurga has no doubt that all festive concerts will be exceptional, and listeners will be able to meet Jurga and her works like never before. Arrangements of the best songs and longing for songs from Jurga's first albums will be performed in cozy acoustic performances. The singer is also preparing a musical surprise for the fans - she will perform several works by playing keyboards and percussion.
"The most important thing on a birthday is the guests! I am sure that together we will create a celebration for everyone who participates. There will be special songs and long-sounding songs, of course, we will also blow out the candles from the birthday cake, ”smiles Jurga.
Don't miss the opportunity to hear Jurga's music up close and personally congratulate the singer on her birthday! Festive concert - February 5 in Birštonas.

Tickets are available on the day of the concert in Kurhaus from 18:00. or

The concert is acoustic. We want to protect you and protect yourself, so only spectators with the Opportunity Passport will be able to participate in the event.