Israeli film shows in Birštonas

free of charge
Event date
2019-05-29 19:00 To 20:00


May 29, 7 pm, Birštonas Culture Center
Dir. Bazi Gete, 2014, 90 min

74 m. age Solomon Tadela is a hard-working, stubborn and nervous person. Also frightened, afraid to die and fearful to be alone. 28 years ago, having changed his living environment with his family - emigrating from Israel to Ethiopia - has chosen to pursue the traditions of original culture diligently. The hero of the film speaks little and hard to speak Hebrew. The story of the film begins with the unveiling of the monument to the wife of Solomon. When a family meal comes back from the cemetery, there is an immediate dispute over the property and a deep gap between the family members. The story tells how Solomon goes on a trip to visit his children. He understands that he belongs to a generation of expatriate ethnic expatriates who believe that they have succeeded in passing Ethiopian cultural values ​​to their children. The harsh present turns against Solomon. Disappointment and the real reality of having children come to their homes is too complicated for him. When Solomon realizes some of the difficult new realities of life he tries to survive in his own way. "Red Leaves" is a film about intergenerational differences and conflicts related to traditions, family values, gender roles and relationships outside the community. The story enhances the process of emigration, which is depicted as a long, traumatic and complicated path of survival, such as Solomon's long walks, the Cumera capturing from the back.