I Hate You Movie

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2022-10-27 19:00 To 20:30


Lucy is a young, intelligent and ambitious girl who works in a large publishing house in New York. She likes her work, except for one small thing - Joshua sitting in the office with her. Constantly tense, always serious, focused and cruelly annoying, Joshua is the object of Lucy's true, sincere and intense hatred. By the way, this feeling is mutual - Joshua also sincerely hates his colleague.
The news that both Lucy and Joshua are candidates for the same job promotion doesn't make matters any better. The girl decides that in order to win, she needs to change tactics and uses flirting charms to help. Joshua willingly joins the new game, but everything is allowed in both love and competition.
Romantic comedy "I hate you!" based on the book of the same name by author Sally Thorne. The novel became a USA Today bestseller, was chosen by the influential Oprah Winfrey magazine as one of the ten best romance novels of all time, and was translated into more than 25 foreign languages.