Healthy self-esteem: how to build a healthy relationship?

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Event date
2021-04-07 17:00 To 18:00


The quality and value of life begins with an attitude towards ourselves, so self-esteem is an opinion that defines our relationship with ourselves. With a healthy self-esteem, we tend to think more positively or accept life’s challenges. This makes it easier for us to overcome difficulties in our relationships and resolve conflicts. Self-esteem begins to form in the relationship we have with parents / guardians since childhood. Our own attitudes towards ourselves and others depend on our childhood experiences.

During the lecture we will talk about:

What is self-esteem and how to develop it?
How does self-esteem affect me and what influence does it have on building relationships with others?
What helps (can be “how to build” depends on what you’re talking about) to build a respectful relationship in a couple?

Participation is free. The lecture is funded by the Ministry of Social Security and Labor of the Republic of Lithuania. The number of participants is limited. You can register at . The lecture will take place remotely. A link to an email will be sent the day before the lecture. mail. The recording of the lecture will not be done, therefore it is important to connect the participants on time and test the computer equipment before the lecture.

Lecturer: psychologist Agnė Garmuvienė, who has 2 years of experience working in the field of personal health care, consulting patients with various diseases. Conducts seminars for professionals and the public on burnout, stress management techniques, building professional relationships in the workplace and building relationships in the family when one of the family members falls ill. Acquired a specialization in oncopsychology.