From the life of the songs

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2019-03-16 19:00 To 20:00


"From the Life of Songs" is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of composer Giedrius Kuprevičius

With: Jonas Sakalauskas (baritone) and Giedrius Kuprevičius (piano)

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Composer Giedrius Kuprevičius and singer Jonas Sakalauskas are waiting for a meeting with the audience, when they will present their creative work, a combined desire to share and born of youthful maximalism and mature creative experience.

The program dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Kuprevičius includes songs telling the path of a composer called the nation's song, stories about their creation stories, fates and incredible adventures performed by baritone J. Sakalauskas and supplemented by piano improvisations.

Sakalauskas tells that G. Kuprevičius's work admires and performs it from the very first steps on stage. "My first performance on stage was the Roland party in G. Kuprevičius' musical" Hunting with Fire ". was built by Gytis Padegimas. In our joint concert you will be able to hear not only the Roland party extract, but also the aria from G. Kuprevičius' opera-sarsuel "DaliGala", which I have only done for myself, which I am very proud of, "says J. Sakalauskas.

There will be more excerpts from operas, musicals and operas created by G. Kuprevičius. Some of the songs have become so loved by the audience that they are called folk songs such as Skriski Lietuvėlėn, Obelų žiedai, Alsuoti, On the Hill, on the High. "This is just a praise for G. Kuprevičius," jokes J. Sakalauskas.

According to the singer, G. Kuprevičius is a master of very sensitive compositions, melodic, whose songs and arias are characterized by exceptional melodism and mood.

“My cooperation with J. Sakalauskas has been going on for many years, although maybe not very noticeable. The performance of the mummies should surprise you a lot. First of all, only the voice of Jonas Sakalauskas and only my songs will be played at the concert. This is the format that we meet for the first time, ”says G. Kuprevičius, who is not looking for a word in his pocket.

According to the composer, the idea of organizing a concert has been flowing in the air for many years. "Many times after various concerts we met as listeners, John still said," I want to sing your songs. " Only now is the desire to become a reality. I am grateful to him that he was so busy finding time to play the Lithuanian song puzzle, ”says G. Kuprevičius.

The musician emphasizes that over the years his work has become so much different. "Recently, students of the course in music technology have essentially upgraded my site, and then I was afraid of how much music, notes, audio and video there! It seems to have wanted his music to flood the whole world. Thank God, that didn't happen. Most importantly, even the shortest song has its own story, and if it sounds more frequent - life. We will talk about it during concerts. Many stories will be revealed for the first time, ”intrigues G. Kuprevičius.

Most importantly, all the works by G. Kuprevičius are as unnamed to the listener. "Without them, as well as the performers of my friends, all the work of the composer would be overwhelmed." There are authors who claim that the audience's opinion doesn't matter to them. Don't agree. Everyone who pays attention and takes time to my music is important and interesting to me. And for this concert - for our duet. We look forward to seeing you very much, ”says G. Kuprevičius, waiting for the audience. He is also supported by J. Sakalauskas.

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