Flute and cello duet concert "Duo Nida"

The cost of the event
7.00 - 11.20
Event date
2022-08-06 19:00 To 21:00


Flutist Miglė Astrauskaitė and cellist Jordan Costard (France) met during their studies in Paris. Their love for art and eclectic taste in music led them to play together, thus the unusual duo Nida was born, subtly combining the timbres of flute and cello and creating an original musical harmony. When choosing the name, the goal was clear - it must tell about Lithuania, which is Miglei's home country, and Jordan - her second home. Nida is the sea and the lagoon, the dunes and the forest, the natural beauty of Lithuania. Duo Nida is a flute and cello duo that resembles the union of sand and water and creates a unique musical landscape.
The musical path of Miglė and Jordan is full of awards and meaningful musical experiences, both musicians are laureates of various international competitions, festival participants, as well as active orchestra musicians whose performances are heard by listeners of prestigious halls in France. Miglė Astrauskaitė is actively invited to play in the orchestra of the Paris National Opera, where this season she performed solo flute parts in the ballet Bayadere. Jordan is a musician of the Limoges Opera Orchestra, who will make his debut as a soloist at the Paris National Philharmonic in 2023, where he will perform Schumann's concerto for cello and orchestra.
Since the 2020s, Duo Nida has been actively performing in Lithuania, Germany and France, concerts have been held at the Museum of Applied Art and Design in Vilnius, Petit Palais in Paris, Ecritoire in Berlin, etc. The goal of the musicians of Duo Nida is to popularize the flute and cello duo by performing musical works written for this composition, as well as transcriptions, and to encourage young composers to compose specifically for this composition. Miglė Astrauskaitė's piece Nida for flute and cello was presented to the Paris audience in February 2022, and the duo is currently preparing transcriptions of the most beautiful opera arias. Duo Nida's repertoire covers the work of Baroque, Classicism, Romanticism and contemporary composers, as well as transcriptions of MK Čiurlionis' works, which were already heard by the listeners at MK Čiurlionis' home in Vilnius. In addition to classical music, Duo Nida is also interested in improvisation and is developing an electronic music project in Paris.
During this concert, Duo Nida will offer the listeners a wonderful musical journey from JS Bach to the present day, during which the colorful timbres of the flute and cello will meet and the works of the most famous and lesser known composers will sound.