Fluffy Spy Cartoon

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2019-09-27 18:00 To 19:32


Fluffy Spy (dubbed)
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Family
Made by: Germany, Belgium
Duration: 1 hour 32 min
Cenz: For viewers of all ages

Christoph and Wolffang Lauenstein's animated premiere of "The Fluffy Spy" will be presented at Lithuanian cinemas on June 21. The adventures of a cat, donkey, dog and rooster will resemble the famous Bremen musicians, and the story told to young audiences will help them realize that true friendship and courage can overcome all obstacles.

Marne is a spotty, fiery coat kitten. Her life is cathartically lazy, comfortable, surrounded by Mistress Rozalinda on all sides and a bit… boring. Everything in the house has been hacked, looked and smitten a hundred times, and her diary has only three main activities: eating, sleeping, and ... watching TV ... and so on from Monday to Sunday without any holidays.

Watching his favorite detective stories for many hours, Marne realized that the world behind the door of the house was full of fun that was a must see. That's a chance, she thought, when Rosalind's twisted brother tricked the firefighter into the box, promising to send her "on a very secret mission." But what happened to me is that a parcel with a secret agent Marne falls out of a mail machine right on a rural road. And then ... life turns upside down. Turns out, living outside is totally different than watching TV! Suddenly, tough guys from the countryside: Elvis, a brutal brute, a stress-relieving cock Albert and a lifelong dream of an actor, Anton, are helping real-life Marne know.

There will be many adventures in the buddy's path, including the real criminals who intend to steal the paintings, but ... not for nothing, Marne has a detective vein

Fun animation for the whole family in the movie "Fluffy Spy" from June 21st.

This version of the movie will be shown in 2D format, dubbed in Lithuanian and without subtitles.

Director: Christopher Lauenstein, Wolfgang Lauenstein

The roles were auditioned by: Cipijauskas Ignas (Klaus), Dainavičius Algirdas (donkey Anton), Damaševičius Jurgis (Polas), Ivanovas Sergėjus (rooster Albertas), Gaižauskas Juozas (dog Elvis), Rudzienė Gabrielė (Matilda), Urnikytė Judita (Marneė) (Rosalind).