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2020-06-13 11:00 To 14:00


Already on June 13. 11:00 a.m. we invite you to take part in an adventurous HIKE for families with babies, young and adult children! We will travel in the forest of Žvėrinčius, where the rulers of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania hunted for entertainment more than five hundred years ago.

The hike will consist of 3 parts:
In paragraph 1
While traveling we will have an educational program during which we will learn and learn HOW:
- create scrap in several ways;
- put it out properly and leave a tidy fireplace;
- to set up a headquarters where you can sleep at night with the help of a rope and awning;
- use a fire chopper;
- Measure the height and age of the tree in simple ways.

In Part 2
Arriving at the legendary Oak, after which the Grand Duke of Lithuania Vytautas himself is sitting, we will prepare a picnic, create a campfire, bake marshmallows, communicate and play.

In Part 3
When we return, we will learn a lot more about the forest and its vegetation, and we will learn a fun hiking song.

The HIKE is full of adventures, challenges, new experiences, entertainment and possibly new friends with whom you can travel and create new hikes.

Date 13 June 11:00 a.m.

The length of the route is about 5 km.

The starting place is a parking lot near the Nemunas, Tylos Street.

Duration - about 3 hours.

Have marshmallows, sausages (if you eat), snacks for a picnic. Wear comfortable shoes, choose clothes according to the weather to make it easy to get dirty, comfortable to move. It is possible to hike with small children and prams.

Registration for the hike - by e-mail [email protected] (indicating the number of participants and the age of the children).

The price of the hike is 2 euros per person!