Exhibition "The Extraordinary History of Extraordinary Theater"

free of charge
Event date
2022-04-29 To 2022-06-08


On April 29, the Lithuanian Museum of Theater, Cinema and Music, together with the Lithuanian Folk Museum, is presenting the exhibition “UNUSUAL HISTORY OF THEATER. All About Mataičiai Theater Performance "Stage Tubes".

This exhibition is like the first part of a story about an exceptional phenomenon in Lithuanian culture - the Povilas and Dalia Mataičiai Folklore Theater. 1968 started its activity as an ethnographic ensemble in 1974. became the troupe of the Folk Music Theater of the Lithuanian Folk Museum. 1978 On August 5 and 6, the troupe's first performance "Stage Images" was shown at the Laying Theater.

Today, when we are revaluing many artistic values, the organizers of the exhibition have united the idea to remember and remind others of the Laying Theater, as if it were a living monument to the Lithuanian theater of the last century. The Lithuanian Theater, Music and Film Museum is the only one in Lithuania to have a unique collection of stage costumes for the performance “Stage Images” donated by Povilas and Dalia Mataičiai, costume projects, photographs, layout, scenography details, videos of the performance, posters, programs, and Birštonas Kurhaus particularly suitable for such an exhibition.

Visitors of the exhibition will see the stage costumes created by the artist D. Mataitienė, costume projects, and the layout of the scenography of the performance in the Kurhaus space. Watch the videos of the performance in the comfort of your seat. By the way, you will be able to immortalize yourself against the background of a specially adapted exhibit. The exhibition is complemented and decorated with photographs by the photographer Vaidotas Grigas “Stage Images”.

Organizers of the exhibition: Lithuanian Theater Music and Film Museum. Curator Janina Armonaitė, art critic Ina Dringelytė, artist, architect Neringa Norvaišaitė, photographer Vaidotas Grigas

Exhibition sponsor: Lithuanian Culture Council