Exhibition of the plein air "Land of Sūduviai: Fates of PA (self)"

free of charge
Event date
2021-11-25 To 2021-12-27


Whites, Tatars, Jews, Germans ę who lived in the land of Sūduvai left their mark a few hundred years ago. Some of them have sunk into oblivion, others are silently testifying to the past.

Plein Airs “Land of Sūduviai:…” is an ongoing project that has been taking place intermittently since 2005. The districts of Pajevonis, Vištytis and Bartninkai have already been "explored". For the 8th plein air, a group of individual artists selected the theme of national minorities - Tatar and Jewish cultural heritage.
Vinkšnupiai - fragments of a magnificent Tartar manor and stories about the traditions of beekeeping and fur farming cherished here; a Tatar cemetery testifying to the loyalty of the people who lived here to the ruler; The mysterious mound of mounds is a sign that is difficult to talk about today.
The participants of the plein air also got acquainted with the gastronomic Tatar heritage - 5 different types of dumplings were made and tasted, and Syta was delighted. And it came to pass on the tenth day of the day of repentance, which was called Ashur, that a cake of nine berries was baked, According to the museologist Rasa Vilkaitienė, when you return after the services, you start with these dishes, and only then taste the remaining dishes.
Following the signs of Jewish heritage, they visited Kalvarija, Virbalis, Kybartai, and had dinner at the home of the local artist Juozas Šalčiūnas.

A group of individualists of professional artists explored and inspired the land of Bartninkai: Gražina Vitartaitė, Svajūnas Armonas, Juozas Pranckevičius, Arvydas Kašauskas and art critic Nijolė Tumėnienė.

Meeting with the artists of the plein air "Land of Sūduviai: Fates of PA (si)" m. Monday, Dec. 27, 6 p.m.