Exhibition of S. Bronickienė's graphic works "Dialogue"

free of charge
Event date
2022-07-02 To 2022-07-29


The author was born, lives and works in Kaunas.
Graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Arts with a degree in graphics.
Long-term lecturer of the Design study program at the Faculty of Arts and Education of Kaunas College.
In addition to her pedagogical activities, she worked for many years in the publishing house Šviesa as an artist (under contracts) in the field of book design. Her illustrated textbooks were exhibited at book fairs in Frankfurt, Leipzig and Tallinn.
He has been working creatively since 1982. In the field of graphic printing since 2008.
Participant in national and international exhibitions. Small-format drawings and graphic works have been exhibited in Macedonia, Serbia, Poland, Latvia, the USA, Bulgaria, Australia, Japan, Croatia, and Estonia.
The exhibition features some of the graphic prints created over the last ten years.
The engravings are printed on the artist’s handmade paper and leather. The formation and painting of handmade paper is a part of the creative process, no less important than carving and printing. The high paper and printing method allows you to extract a deep embossing in which light and shadow play, a variety of textures. When working with this technique, the factor of surprise is exciting and intriguing.
The title of the exhibition reflects the author's desire to make contact with the viewer through the Dialogue of the paper, its color and print.