Exhibition of paintings by Romualdas Balinskas

free of charge
Event date
2020-01-28 To 2020-02-28


Get inspired by fresh art - the artwork of the painter Romualdas Balinskas presented in the gallery!
R. Balinskas in his work tries to achieve the desired result easily, with a few strokes, as in poetry, where in a few words the essence of our being is touched, where the word opens infinity and lifts the soul up. His works include autobiographical motifs, excerpts from diaries, philosophical, historical reflections, religious, domestic experiences, environmental observation and analysis. The author wants to be open-minded, striving for the paintings to appear rather than being arranged, composed or constructed. According to Kristina Stančienė, the artist's painting is very homogeneous, recognizable and different every time. Her motifs usually balance between Christian imagery, sensitive existential narratives, metaphorical scenes. But it is interesting that this artist, who has long been a professor of expressive painting, is able to concentrate it in a powerful way, with a great deal of power to stretch, scratch and postcard it…

Exhibition of the artist's works at the Spruce Sanatorium in Birštonas will be open until 28 February.