Exhibition of Neringa Marcinkevičiūtė-Strazdė

free of charge
Event date
2022-01-08 To 2022-02-08


I am fascinated by the minimalist resolution. I try to convey the essence in one spoken word, one line, detail, symbol or thought. What is important to me is the value of the spoken word in a world where we are trying to weed out, fill, and saturate everything. It is important not to contaminate a sheet of paper, dirt is what becomes too much. Better less than too much. I fell in love with that “not too much” and that’s my main impulse, the idea. There is an abundance around us, but we face an inner emptiness. I want to leave as much space as possible for a clean, breathable environment, detail, idea, thought or experience. The surrounding white space is like a background for spiritual conversation and inner reflection…

In the exhibition, I present two different, but at the same time similar, landscapes and watercolors. Both of these techniques fascinate me, because in my prints and watercolors I get the desired effect, a fateful, transparent, light, vibration of the moment of light with one touch, without the possibility of correction or remake. Every touch is like the last, especially safe from the possibility of chance and surprise. For me, the most important thing is to preserve space and completely indistinguishability, incompleteness, I want to add not points, but polygons…

An ironic cycle of fifteen prints Ice flavors are a juxtaposition of a woman and ice cream: about a moment of taste, beauty and temporality, about image, about modern consumption. "LEDINE" women are great, perfect in modern language. ICE CREAM - how cold, strong, inaccessible. ICE-FREE - melting, brittle, vulnerable, endangered. ICE CREAM - like desperately trying to freeze in ice and thus remain timeless. ICE CREAM - delicious as ice cream of various flavors. LEDs, like light bulbs, are improved, widely used, long-lasting to use less energy but produce more light and, of course, more expensive. Ice cream is like bodily pleasures, but the acts of intimacy of souls are even more exciting…