Evening of Edmundas Janušaitis' works, presentation of the poetry book "Wind Trap"

free of charge
Event date
2022-05-05 17:00 To 19:00


An evening of works by the poet, writer, songwriter and performer Edmundas Janušaitis will take place in Birštonas Public Library, during which his poetry book “Wind Trap” (Naujasis lankas, 2021) will be presented. The evening will be colored by the songs performed by E. Janušaitis, enlivened and given by Tomas Vyšniauskas, a witty, insightful and original poet with a unique sense of humor and a unique sense of humor.
E. Janušaitis is a tireless creator who has published many poetry books, several novels and CDs. He is well known at bard festivals in Lithuania, has participated in events abroad (Poland, Germany, Ireland), and has been awarded the "Acacia Alley" badge of honor. - organizes the "Bards' March through Lithuania" every year, is the author of the bards anthem "People Are Coming". He lives in Kaunas, Žaliakalnis, about which he has written novels "Žaliakalnis brukas", "Žaliakalnis - Resurrection Parish", "Vileišis Square - the ABCs of Whispers", so there will be an opportunity to talk to the writer about his love for Žaliakalnis. The One Litas Prize was awarded for the collection of poems "Angel of the Front", and the Jonas Aistis Literary Prize was awarded for the book of poems "Island of the Clouds".
"I started writing white lines, enjoying music and lyrics before I was sixteen. I tested the strength of many informal youth groups, I wandered the streets of Žaliakalnio with the wave of the Luxembourg radio station. I knew that I would never be loved by the nomenclature at that time, but the euphoria of freedom and flower children was always more precious to me than my own fur, ”said E. Janušaitis in an interview with the former chairman of the Kaunas branch of the Lithuanian Writers' Union, poet Vidmantas Kiaušas. Relentless souls, the rebellious artist is open to poetry, prose, music, and encounters with readers and listeners.
An interesting and unpredictable evening awaits with this tantem - sharp-tongued poets Edmundas Janušaitis and Tomas Vyšniauskas, who are not looking for a word in their pocket, but are looking for the depths of spirit, creativity and being.