Eva Mili painting exhibition "Ballet lesson"

free of charge
Event date
2023-04-08 To 2023-05-12


A loose, rough brushstroke and a sensitive, heartfelt plot. It is a unique combination of opposites that quite accurately describes the world of Eva Mili's painting. I want the paintings to be bright, transparent, and evoke positive emotions. When painting, I do not use pure black, I choose a palette of lighter tones and brighter colors. I painted with oil paints on canvas.

The one-layer painting technique (wet on wet) adds a lot of spontaneity and vigor to my works. With this technique, the main layer of the painting must be completed before the first applied paint has begun to dry. When the painting is all wet, I can easily add new colors, change shapes, blur objects and their boundaries. The work is very dynamic, sometimes not exactly as I had planned in advance. I like that the picture turns out to be unique - strongly charged with my thoughts and emotions at that time. The limited time devoted to one painting forces you to work precisely, make as few mistakes as possible, and fully devote yourself to the work you have started.

The subject of my paintings is quite broad - I paint still lifes, animalistic, figurative. But the most fun for me is creating portraits. I am happy when the rough strokes of the spatula (mastichin) magically transform into living people with their own character and mood.

My path as a developer has been quite winding. After starting my studies at an art school, I later chose the field of exact sciences. I completed bachelor's and master's studies in informatics at KTU University, worked as a programmer. Only after becoming a mother did I feel the need to create again. I worked as a professional photographer for 10 years, then painting came into my life. I studied art independently from foreign masters of painting. I read books in English by the best teachers of realism and impressionism, I was interested in the working principles of the great masters. In this way, I mastered the one-layer painting technique (wet on wet), which is not widely used in Lithuania.