Educational programs for students "Sugar Tale"

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2020-08-27 15:00 To 15:45

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Creative - cognitive education for children aged 5 - 12 and their parents.
During education:
● You will see miniature houses built of sugar. Maybe it will be a building of your hometown, or maybe it came from another part of Lithuania?
● You will watch live how the roof, wall or even ... a fairy tale is boiled ...
● Create your own Sugar Job. Each participant will receive a poured sugar blank, which will be decorated with colored sugar. Sugar, powdered sugar, colored sugar sprinkles, water and food coloring are used for the work.

● You will hear the true story of the Sugar House, wrapped in legends and tales. One can hope that it will end sweetly ...

Education takes place in Birštonas, Nemunas Loops Regional Park Visitor Center, Tylioji str. 1, Birštonas. Registration required: +370 676 41 439; [email protected] Price for one child - 5EUR (parents are only observers, so it does not cost them :). The number of participants is limited.
PS We do not recommend tasting sugar during the program.