Easter Celebration

free of charge
Event date
2019-04-22 12:00 To 15:00


Spring has already arrived in Birštonas and watches the land with all possible signs. Event organizers in Čiulba ulba in Birštonas and Old Town Grill on the terrace invite you to meet the most beautiful spring celebration together - Easter!

All Springhill and resort guests are invited to attend the Spring Watch Festival. After all, it is so much fun after the winter sleep to breathe the fresh air of the resort and to greet your existing neighbors or get to know the guests.
Until all the leaves of the trees have exploded - let's wake the resort with a fun Easter bustle!

At Easter, all together:
collect the most impregnated egg (we invite you to bring your most beautiful eggplant to the feast);
let's pick and pick the strongest egg (to participate in the event, invite to take care of the Easter egg);
we will look for the hidden treasure of the egg;
together, we will invent the greatest city egg creatively;
we will get to know each other and have fun in the spring.

Oh yes, Easter opens up! Could there be a more beautiful celebration than a day spent with family members in Birštonas?
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Venue: Old Town Grill Outdoor Terrace.
Date: April 22
Second St. Easter Day (MONDAY)
Start of the holiday: 12:00.
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Anyone who wants to contribute to the celebration with their ideas, Easter decorations, mood or delicacies is welcome to write: [email protected]

The creation of the Easter Festival is accompanied by: Čiulba ulba, entertainment organizers, Children's Festival with Ciulba ulba, Old Town Grill, Asmeniška Shop