Earthly comedy "Third Gospel According to Andrew"

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2022-12-03 19:00 To 20:00


in 2022 December 3 at 7 p.m. In Birštonas Kurhaus, actor Andrius Kaniava will present the earthy comedy "The Third Gospel According to Andrew". The audience is waiting for the actor's open conversation about ordinary and extraordinary people in special times.
In a witty, philosophical way, based on real stories and facts, Andrius Kaniava will invite you to travel together to the recent past, to the period that begins in the 90s and ends in the 2000s. For some it is the time of their adolescence and discoveries, for another generation it is a time of sudden changes.
After the restoration of independence, everything that appeared in society was new and unseen. Better, more beautiful, better quality, tastier. It smells better. It was a time when traditions and home environments were changing, the streets were flooded with cars previously only seen in magazines, western fashions were in the wardrobes, and satellite TV allowed you to tune in to whatever channel you wanted. Based on the irony and insights of Andrius Užkalnis and the melodies of that era, Andrius Kaniava will not let the audience get bored and together will dive into memories - WHERE we lived, WHAT we drove, WHERE and WHAT we ate, HOW we dressed, HOW we entertained.
"During the first decade of Independent Lithuania, we imbibed everything uncritically and at once. To be different required time and experience, and there was no time and experience. This is our period of great learning, of worn knees and bloody teeth. And our past, which is already resting in the museum. The only thing from those times that has not yet reached the museum is ourselves. We will talk about us" - promises Andrius Kaniava, inviting him to the premiere of the down-to-earth comedy.
Let's meet and remember the history of our modern times.