DRIVE-IN movie night

The cost of the event
Event date
2021-05-29 21:30 To 23:45


Vytautas Mineral SPA invites you to DRIVE -IN cinema evenings at NATUR CAMP Birštonas open-air campsite.
For those who buy tickets - a GIFT from Vytautas Mineral SPA (drink and popcorn).
Large 10 x 5 m screen, sound is broadcast on FM frequency and your car turns into a personal cinema. On the 29th of May, 22:00 movie evening invites you.
The producer of "Harry Potter" films and "Bear Paddington" presents the film "Special Garden":
• Unlock your imagination;
• Immerse yourself in adventure;
• Discover friendship ...
With the death of the parents of teenage Mary (actress Dixie Egerickx) in India, her life changes radically. The girl is moved to live in rainy England, not with her most kind relative uncle, Archibald (Colin Firth). What’s more, she’s constantly spinning around and trying to complicate Mary’s life in a remote and frightening mansion, a naughty maid, Ms. Medlok (Julie Walters).
Everything is new around Mere, and without activity and curiosity, the girl starts exploring the new home and its surroundings. One day, after discovering the door to a secret garden that was once lovingly nurtured and cared for by her dead aunt - Mr. Archibald's wife, Mary realizes that something is being hidden.
Spending more and more time in the garden, where not only sun, but also coziness, flowers or a lot more space, the girl gradually discovers and his biggest secret: that the garden is magical.