Cultural expedition "Down the river: Alytus–Kaunas"

free of charge
Event date
2022-08-25 To 2022-08-27


"Alytus - the capital of culture of Lithuania 2022" is an opportunity to repeat the historical swimming that took place 88 years ago. As the theme of the Capital of Culture is "Connecting Bridges", we will create a connection and build a historical bridge from the present to this event. One of the big - main events - the cultural expedition "Down the river: Alytus - Kaunas". The expedition consists of kayaking on the Nemunu River with stops at cultural stops.
August 25-27 A delegation of representatives of various cultural areas of the city of Alytus will leave for a historical expedition from the Alytus pier, and all Alytus residents who support this idea are invited to join it. The three-day swim will be inseparable from the events of the cultural program, which will fill all three days of the expedition. We will spread culture even more widely, even more actively, by building cultural bridges from Alytus to the surrounding districts. With various cultural activities, the team from Alytis will delight everyone who wants and is able to join at the scheduled stops towards Kaunas.
We invite those who want to register and become part of history