Creative workshop "What caterpillar are you?"

free of charge
Event date
2022-09-21 18:00 To 19:30


We invite you to the "What kind of caterpillar are you?" creative workshop of "Pujūčių teatro".

In creative workshops, children will make a sensory toy - a crawler - from various materials together with accompanying adults. By touching, listening and playing with special materials, they will choose and create their own sensory caterpillar design, fill it with their favorite hard, stretchy, soft, ringing or rustling objects.

This "peace friend" can be taken home and used whenever you need to focus, relax or release accumulated energy through the senses. Workshops that develop sensory senses are intended for children with autism spectrum disorders, dyslexia disorders and neurotypical (without disorders) children aged 4 to 9 years and their families. Director Karolina Žernytė is the founder of "Pojūčių teatro". Theatrical performances, which include the audience, focus on the five human senses. The human body becomes a stage: movement, touch, smell, sound, taste are more sensitively felt, participants are united by communication, emotional and psychological atmosphere. The action of the "scene" takes place in consciousness here and now.