Concert "Balada Para el Tango"

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2022-04-30 19:00 To 20:00


Imagine a summer evening in Buenos Aires, hot vibrating air, wine-sipping couples sitting on the pavement of the streets, imagining the rhythmic sounds of Bandonia emanating from around the corner…
We want you to feel part of Tango’s story, so we invite you on a dark, charming and intriguing journey.
April 30 In the evening, the ensemble "Classic +" will invite you to the concert "Balada Para el Tango". The passionate Tango program will be performed in Birštonas Kurhaus, which will be performed by opera soloist Julija Karaliūnaitė, pianist Simona Zbarauskaitė, harpist Viktorija Smailytė and accordionist Agnė Dūkštaitė.