Comedy "National Vegetables"

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2021-02-14 18:00 To 19:00


"National Vegetables" is a household tragicomedy about our daily lives and the problems we face or live. It’s a play about where we sometimes get stuck, something we often fail to get out of. The three heroes of the performance are ordinary, poor people who hope for a miracle. The usual, “to the bone marrow” familiar details, sounds and actions, pop music from the neighbors ’yard, online tips on how to be positive.

How to live in a society without opportunities? What efforts are needed to survive persistent deprivation? How much does the "therapy" of unrealistic dreams or illusions save? Each problem has three solutions: to reconcile that there will be no other way, to adapt so that you will no longer suffer, and to get out of a torturous situation. Which one do you usually choose?

The lives of people who revolve around routine, succumbing to circumstances, and the belief that nothing can change, turn us into vegetables. The authors of the play call not to become vegetables and arouse the determination to change their environment: to stop blaming circumstances and give up on them, to stop blaming each other, but rather to make decisive decisions and change your life into dignity, effective being together. The project is funded by the Lithuanian Culture Council.