Christmas in sunny Italy

The cost of the event
10.00 - 20.00
Event date
2019-12-30 19:00 To 20:30


Christmas in Sunny Italy Concert

Performers - Domo Emigrantes (Italy)
Stefano Torre (vocals)
Filippo Renna (vocals, percussion)
Alberto Venturini (clarinet, percussion)
Andrea Dall'Olio (violin)
Vittorio Tauro (accordion)

The program includes arrangements and compositions by Southern Italian composers

Tickets 10, 15, 20 Eur.
Information and booking tel. 8 319 65 546, email p. [email protected]

The members of the famous Italian band Domo Emigrantes are five positive, creative, energetic and professional multi-instrumentalists, capable of creating a sensual and romantic mood on stage. The charismatic Domo Emigrantes, brought together in 2009, perform a colorful artistic program that takes viewers to sunny southern Italy. Both lyrical and expressive songs and melodies touch our hearts like the warm breeze of the South, as if we were sitting on a cozy Italian terrace filled with lavender scent, wine and romance, not in the concert hall. In their performances, performers play a variety of exotic instruments from around the world in addition to well-known instruments.

Domo Emigrantes regularly performs not only in the best Italian concert halls, but also actively participates in prestigious European, Asian and US music festivals. Endless love of home country tunes, tremendous passion and passion have allowed the performers to gain international acclaim and to impress audiences worldwide. Already after their first performances, Domo Emigrantes was highly acclaimed by art fans and music critics for its originality, professionalism, emotional musicianship and sincere communication with the audience. The acclaimed band has received the most important Italian music award and released several CDs.

Time-tested and the finest tracks from the band's three most recent albums will make you feel like you're in sunny Italy.