Chamber music concert "Musica assortita"

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Event date
2021-12-28 19:00 To 20:00


Participants: Francesco Bruno flute (Italy), Nijolė Baranauskaitė - piano and Viktorija Marija Zabrodaitė - flute. Concert host Irena Žilinskienė.
The music in the program is popular and familiar - the arias from operas, operettas and musicals are very well known to the listeners, but in a different way. These are paraphrases, transcriptions and fantasies by various composers, performed by flutists Viktorija Marija Zabrodaitė, Francesco Bruno (Italy) and pianist Nijolė Baranauskaitė.
Viktorija Zabrodaitė is well known to music lovers. She performs various programs in concert cycles, is often seen on festivals and concert posters, performs with ensembles of various compositions, gives concerts in Lithuania and abroad, and her recordings are on the Lithuanian National Radio and Television.
Pianist Nijolė Baranauskaitė is a coveted concertmaster of singers and instrumentalists, as well as a soloist of national and international competitions, who has repeatedly been awarded diplomas as the best concertmaster of the competition.
Flutist Francesco Bruno, well known not only at home but also abroad, has performed under Ennio Morricone, Antonino Fogliani and Giuseppe Ratti. He is the founder and conductor of the Afflatus Flute Orchestra and the Triscele Sicilian Flute Orchestra. 2019 he was awarded the Syracuse Corrado Maranci Music Award for Best Sicilian Classical Music of the Year.
These performers are a great example of professionalism, the music of which fills the hall with the most beautiful feelings.
The moderator and host of the events, Irena Žilinskienė, will comment on and present the concert "Musica assortita".