Cartoon "Three Thieves and a Lion"

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2023-03-17 17:30 To 19:00


The most popular children's story of all time in cinemas - "The Three Thieves and the Lion"
From March 3, in cinemas - a fun animation for the whole family - "Three Thieves and a Lion". Back in 1955, the story created by the writer Thorbjorn Egner is so popular in Norway that even today the book is considered the most famous work of children's literature of all time.
This has never happened before! The realest THIEVES have come to the small and cozy town of Cardamom! Mysteriously, the tastiest sausages, hams, steaks and even all kinds of cakes began to disappear from small food shops. No one even suspects that this is the work of three town bad guys - Kaspar, Jasper and Jonathan. Stealing food is a small thing! Now the trio's plans include another plan X - to masterfully "whistle" the talking camel out of the town's celebration, and then even the town's only tram or something!
They live on the outskirts of town and keep a real lion in their very messy house! And that's when the thief came up with an even more ingenious idea - to steal the best housekeeper, the singer - Aunt Sofia! She could clean the house, cook food, feed the lion, and find socks and pants thrown around the house! But here the men fell! It would have been better if they had never stolen that Aunt Sophia! The domineering woman not only cleaned the house, fed a real lion, but also taught the owners of the house order and told them to wash! Could it be worse? The only way for the thieves to escape from the order is to bring Sofia home! The robbers did not learn their lesson - that stealing is ugly and ended up in prison! But when a big fire hits the town, it's time for Kaspar, Jasper and Jonathan to prove that they can be not only thieves, but also the coolest rescuers in town!
Full of good laughs, the most interesting adventure animation for the whole family "Three Thieves and a Lion" about the fact that when you make a mistake, it's never too late to make amends.