Cartoon Seal Team

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2022-04-21 17:30 To 19:00


How seals taught sharks.
The life of seals is not easy. Once upon a time, Motulė Nature decided that these cute animals would be one of the main food sources for sharks and this order has been in place for many years. All those years, the seals humbly reconciled themselves to the established order and tried their best not to fall into the mouths of their greatest enemies. However, when one shark catches up with Bendy, the best friend of the seal quino, the latter lacks patience. Queens decides to take action and hit the sharks back.
Of course, other seals initially support this as a joke. But Quee is serious. After talking to a few of his brave and a little crazy friends, he turns to Klagart, a seal who once served in the army, for help to prepare them for battle. After a grueling workout and technical preparation, one day Queens decides it’s time to change the established order of the food chain. Armed with bladder-bombs, barracudas-bazookas and electric eels-torpedoes, seals are fighting…
The adventurous animated film for the whole family "Seal Team" will start showing in Lithuania on March 4.
The film is dubbed in Lithuanian, without subtitles.