Birštonas. Forest meditation

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Event date
2018-09-29 10:30 To 11:45


Forest, silence, fusion to the forest through the forest. The residents of Birstonas and its guests are pleased to invite wonderful experience.
The forest has magical powers to treat our bodies and souls, allows you to calm the mind, allow you to return to the real home. Through this experience, in the forest we will just go where the forest itself will come up with us, in the course of doing some practice and show how to feel the energy of the forest, it's enough time to spend the hours in the forest, to feel how emotions change, how the body relaxes.

Meeting point: Žvėrinčiaus villa (Birštonas)
Date and time: September 29 10:30
Price: as much as you like and lets pocket :)

Be comfortable ♥