Balancing bike racing

free of charge
Event date
2019-06-08 11:00 To 12:00



Are you fast as a wind? Try yourself in the balance bike race!

We invite small (2-5 years) cyclists and their parents. Don't forget to take your own balancing bike and helmet.

June 8 (Saturday)

In Birštonas, J. Basanavičius Square


11am Registration of participants

11.30 am Race start

12:00 Awards.

Participation is free!

REGISTRATION: during the event or in advance - [email protected], with the indication "DIP DAP Race".

DIP DAP is a wooden, lightweight, brightly colored balance bike for children. It's not a sporting event! DIP DAP Bicycle Racing is a fun and playful event for small cyclists. Motto of the competition - "Let's spend time together actively and fun!"

The race is organized by DIP DAP, along with Čiulba ulba - entertainment and leisure children and adults organizers of family, friends, children, work collectives and celebrations.

During the race, the small players on the race track (~ 100 - 150 m) will have the chance to win great DIP DAP prizes! It is possible to take part in any manufacturer's balance bikes with a diameter of up to 12.

IMPORTANT: Participants must wear a protective helmet! The main goal of this event is to participate rather than win!

More information: [email protected], tel: +370 673 25523, 8 687 88079.