Architectural Exhibition "A Look at Yourself"

free of charge
Event date
2019-09-10 To 2019-10-03


September 10 through October 3 The best works of the Eighth Contemporary Lithuanian Architecture Review Exhibition "A Look at Yourself" will be exhibited in the lobby of the Birštonas Cultural Center.
"Look at Yourself" is a traditional event organized by the Lithuanian Architects' Union for architects and the public in the country, promoting the community of architects, professional openness and quality architecture as a valuable and important part of culture.

Of the nearly two hundred applicants, the jury selected 80 for further evaluation, and the international jury continued its work. The peculiarity of this competition is that the works of Lithuanian architects are valued by colleagues from other countries. "This tradition is as old as the competition itself, not only objectivity, but also the opportunity to look at the architectural situation in the country from a different angle and from another angle," says Rūta Leitanaitė, Chairwoman of the Lithuanian Architects' Union. The works for the years 2017-2018, categorized as Projects, Competitive Projects and Realizations, were evaluated by Anne Marie Galmstrup from Denmark, Piotr Smierzewski from Poland and Saimir Kristo from Albania.
The evaluation criteria of the competition sound like paragraphs from an architectural textbook: clear architectural idea, harmonious relation of the object to the environment, adequate use of materials, functionality, innovation, originality, significance of the object to the city, professionalism of solutions, realism.
Based on these, the jury selected 11 sites and gave them two days to visit and inspect them. This is another feature of the competition: the organizers believe it is impossible to judge the architecture from the pictures. This year, despite the constant rainfall and the danger of getting stuck on the highways, the trip was a success and the commission was able to make a final decision. What is he like?
Five equivalent objects identified by the Commission:
Vilnius Tech Park (“A2SM Architects”: Aurimas Sasnauskas, Sla Malenko, Joris Šykovas, Eglė Židonytė, Greta Frišmantaitė, Paulius Venckūnas) - former 19th c. A complex of creative industry spaces and offices has been set up in the hospital premises in Sapiegai Park.
Kindergarten Childhood Garden (Architects' Office G. Natkevičius & Partners: R. Pučka, A. Rimšelis, G. Natkevičius) - a space for children with ascetic exterior and warm interior.
Mo Museum - Studio Libeskind: D. Libeskind, G. Blengini, S. Blach; architects in Lithuania: DO Architects: A. Baldišiūtė, S. Daugėlienė, D. Lukšėnas, N. Tukaj, D. Skrupskelienė. The "home" of the collection of modern and contemporary fine arts is an interpretation of the Old Town courtyard with its gates left to observe the city.
Flashing House - Architects of Aketuri: M. Rekevičienė, A. Tilvikaitė, G. Bardauskaitė, N. Tukaj, L. Rekevičius. Wooden villa of restrained shapes and delicate details on the lake shore.
Borderless Gallery - Office de Achitectura: J. Bernotaitė, A. Ropolas, P. Vaitiekūnas. The Pavilion is the new cultural axis of Kaunas Picture Gallery and the first space in Kaunas exclusively dedicated to performances, exhibitions and other cultural activities in the open air space.

The third unbroken tradition of the competition is that the winners share a symbolic piece of architecture, a massive steel beam, divided into five parts. "This prize, unchanged from the first competition in 2003, symbolizes that not all important details are visible in architecture, and that it holds a great deal of weight among architects at the end of the eighth competition," smiles Ms Leitanaitė.
The next "Look at Yourself" is looking forward to 2020, when architecture from 2019-2020 will be evaluated.

The Lithuanian Architecture Council sponsors the Lithuanian Architecture Awards for the best Lithuanian architecture. The organizers thank Velux, Schüco and Danske Bank.