Animated film "Mauritius the Great"

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2023-02-17 17:30 To 19:00


Miauricius the cat, affectionately called Miauricius by his friends, is an extremely clever homeless cat. He is always figuring out how to make his life sweeter and usually others do it for him. A similar thing happened in our fairy tale, in which Miauricius the Great shot himself to save the city from rats. The plan was simple: the prize for saving the city goes to the cat, and all the "black work" is done by a gullible boy. However, everything took a different direction and instead of a simple job, we get an adventurous story that will captivate both children and their parents.
The character created by Terry Pratchett, Maurice the Magnificent, is extremely popular all over the world. The author has sold more than 100,000,000 copies of his books. Finally, Lithuania's little whores will have the opportunity to get to know this popular fluff. Why does this cat need shoes if he is already GORGEOUS! The film is dubbed in Lithuanian, without subtitles.