Animated film "Hare School". Mission "Eggs"

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2023-01-26 17:30 To 19:30


In the animation "Hare School. Mission "Eggs" - a cunning plan to save the eggs.

After a hundred carrots! On the eve of the holidays, the strangest thing happened! The decoration of the rabbit school - the magical golden egg turned black as coal... Even the ears of the rabbit teachers shrunk because this is the first time this has happened! In the books of the wise hares, it is written that if the egg ever turns black, it means that the holiday is in great danger!

A family of sly foxes with their claws here appears. She has been plotting a vengeful plan for a long time to ruin the most beautiful holiday, because they think foxes have always been and will always be better than hares! As if that were not enough, a former pupil of the school of hares - the long-eared butcher Leo - wants to spoil the celebration! He persuades the foxes to steal all the eggs, and then the celebration will disappear altogether. All the commotion at the hare school! Whatever happens, the holiday must be saved! But there's trouble here too - ever since the big egg turned black, all the students and teachers at the rabbit school have lost their super powers! Now all the hares must rely on their hearts and minds to outwit the fox family!

Strange as it may seem, this whole cunning plan to cancel the holiday does not sit well with the little Ferdinand. He is the only one of the whole family of sly foxes who is different - he likes huge holidays, he doesn't want them to disappear, so he befriends the best student of the hare school, Max, and offers his help! But... Can hares trust a fox? Maybe this is another very cunning plan of the foxes? Or is it worth believing in Ferdinand and saving the upcoming holiday? Who will tell you how to do the right thing?