Animated film "Gnomes are back"

free of charge
Event date
2020-09-18 19:00 To 21:00


"Gnomes Return" is a fun animation about little pranksters. You want - believe it, you want - no, but life is boiling deep, deep underground! There, in the depths of the earth itself, where not a single ray of sunlight penetrates - the most amazing stories are told, the most real performances take place, even serious talent festivals! Thousands of tiny and very talented gnomes compete for the name of the smartest inventor! And what you won't see there! The most beautiful shoes, the most beautiful clothes embroidered with silk threads, the most ornate candles, smart chairs, even a toothbrush for cleaning shoes! But most of all, in the world, these little creatures are afraid of humans! There are rumors that people are lazy and pampered creatures who can eat breakfast gnome with all his hat! Therefore, it has been strictly forbidden to land on the ground for more than 200 years. And after all, legend has it that gnomes were once the best human helpers! Everything would have continued that way, but for little gnome Elze, all the talent festivals have sunk to the bone! She works hard, but as soon as she touches something, everything falls apart! Her last invention - a turnip harvester cut off the tops of hats for the talent commission itself! But little Elze is not a little girl from a stump alcohol! If you don’t manage to discover your talent here, will you be lucky enough to climb to the surface of the earth? Silently escaping from the secret habitat of the gnomes and crawling on the face of the earth, Elze and her buddies Kip and Baku dive straight into the vortex of events! There are endless things that have never been seen before. An abandoned kitchen is the best place to learn how to bake the most delicious cakes, and the chef - Teo is absolutely not scary, albeit sad! And really! Very soon the whole city will smell the most delicious smells! But not everything is so simple… The evil Teo's brother Bruno doesn't like it very much! The revived Teo bakery is poking the wheels into the vast empire of Bako's sweets! Will Elze, Baku, and Cypriot reconcile the long-angered brothers? Or maybe all the gnomes will need help? Will little gnomes and humans make friends? Will Elze discover her talent and win the hat contest? Lots of questions and even more answers in a wonderful animated story about real dreams, friendship and self-confidence.