Animated film "Cosmic Samsama"

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2020-11-05 18:00 To 19:00


Born into a family of superheroes, Samsam has a bright future ahead of him - sooner or later he will become one of them. Unfortunately, the boy doesn’t even imagine what his superpower is. The mother says this is normal because some children discover their powers later than others. But Samsam still wants it to happen as soon as possible.

When a new student, Mega, arrives at Samsam School (where children with special abilities attend), the boy doesn’t pay attention to it at first. But as they befriend, Samsam opens the door to a new and inexperienced world. And the biggest adventure begins when the two of them go on a unique space journey with Mega, where Samsamo is waiting to fight against hitherto unseen creatures, many breathtaking adventures and unexpected discoveries.

The film is dubbed in Lithuanian, without subtitles.