Animated film "Castle"

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2022-03-10 17:30 To 19:00


Pilė, a little orphan living in the town of Misty Rock, has long learned to take care of herself and her buddies in Griffin, Retou and Rajoon. To survive, the girl usually sneaks food out of the evil Tristan Castle. One day, fleeing the guardians of the castle, the castle puts on the clothes of amazing beauty found and suddenly all the inhabitants of the city start calling her a princess. Tristan, the ruler of the castle, also draws attention to the princess, who suddenly appeared somewhere. He has already got rid of Prince Roland, the heir to the legal throne, who has turned him into a hen - half a cat, half a hen - so he can't believe that some hitherto unheard princess can turn him out of the throne.

Meanwhile, the Castle, having learned the story of the enchanted prince, embarks on a journey with a couple of friends to liberate him, turn him into a man, and at the same time defeat the evil Tristan.