Amber Hunters quartet concert

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2023-04-21 19:00 To 20:30


Virtuoso, energetic, improvised and surprising: these elements describe the unique music of Amber Hunters, which invites everyone who likes the funk\fusion style to a special musical journey.
The "Amber Hunters" quartet came together at the beginning of 2020, at the Amsterdam Conservatory of Jazz Music, on the initiative of drummer Kaspars Petkaus, who was studying there. The band members, who started playing together, quickly discovered a musical bond that grew and encouraged the creative process. The band's distinctive sound is a blend of their contrasting musical backgrounds and cultures.
This time the group will perform as a quartet. The quartet differs from the full set in that there is more room for improvisation and spontaneity in the music.
Amber Hunters performs original compositions and improvisations.
The band is currently active in the Netherlands and has previously performed in several European countries with well-known musicians around the world such as Yoràn Vroom and Bart Fermie. In March 2022, he released the single "New Wheels" and in the same year performed two international tours in the Netherlands, Lithuania and Latvia.