Algimantas Kazlauskas exhibition "Crystal ceramics"

Event date
2023-07-07 To 2023-09-11


Many of the works are fired at a temperature of 1200 degrees, anagama - in an oriental-type kiln. This burning technique, which is more than two thousand years old, came to Japan from Korea. The surfaces of works fired in Anagama are exceptional - they acquire various shades and textures, non-traditional gloss variants. In Anagama, burning can last from five to seven days or a whole week. The furnace is continuously fired around the clock.

The author of the exhibition burned many complex works in the Vilnius district, in the historical Karmazini valley, in a unique five-meter-long anagama set up by ceramist Beatričė Kelerienė, which was burned for 5 days.

Recently, the author of the exhibition has become very fond of experimenting with crystals: silicon, zinc, which grow during burning, their particles collide, eventually creating amazing patterns.

Exhibition works are available for purchase. We invite you to visit the exhibition, which will be open until the end of August.