A Small Favor Movie

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2023-05-23 19:00 To 20:30


Stephanie's (Anna Kendrick) life changed the day she met a special person: Emile (Blake Lively). From the first meeting, Stefanė, who writes a computer blog, falls in love with an elegant, amazingly beautiful and mysterious woman - the kind of woman she herself would like to be.
One day, after asking Stefanė for a "small favor" during a mysterious call, Emilė disappears. The concerned blogger starts looking for her friend, but Emily seems to have disappeared without a trace. Neither her husband nor the police, who joined the search, manage to find even the slightest hint of the missing person. Desperately looking for at least some clue, Stefanė begins to look into Emily's past and gradually a completely different picture of her wonderful friend begins to unfold before her eyes.
Venue: Cinema hall (A building).