Birštonas culinary competition Jury comprised from residents and guests of the resort

2019/05/16 Press release

This spring is the third spring in a row for Birštonas to organise a cooking competition. Gastronomic experiences are very important for visitors of the resort, the popularity of which is rapidly growing; therefore, the aim of this competition is to familiarise visitors and residents of the resort with the novelties offered by local catering institutions and to encourage them to try these novelties.

“We continue our tradition of fostering exceptional gastronomic experiences and each year we search for new ways of presenting culinary novelties of Birštonas. Unlike in previous competitions, we have decided that this year the courses participating in the competition will be assessed by visitors of restaurants and coffee-houses, and not by a professional jury. This way we seek to create a closer connection with our guests, to hear their remarks, on the basis of which we could form our future culinary experiences,” says Rūta Kapačinskaitė, Director of Birštonas Tourist Information Centre. 

Courses of 9 various categories participate in the competition

This year, 7 catering institutions will take part in the culinary competition: hotel-restaurant “Royal SPA Residence”, restaurant “MOON” of the complex “Vytautas Mineral SPA”, restaurant “Old Town Grill”, hotel-cafe “Audenis”, burger bar “Bir. Bur. Bar.”, cafes “Sušinė” and “Saulės terasa”. 

The variety of 9 nine courses submitted for the competition evidence that visitors of Birštonas no longer have to search for places to eat in the resort. Visitors of restaurants and cafes are encouraged to try grilled beef tenderloin, smoke flavoured sea perch, lamb ham steak or beetroot sorbet. One of the conditions of the competition is that the price of one course cannot be more than EUR 16. It is expected that it will encourage even those people with sometimes insufficient funds for luxury restaurants to try the culinary novelties.  

 Gustatory experience not only in restaurants, but also during theme excursions

Culinary discoveries in Birštonas are fostered not only by restaurants and cafes of the resort, but also by organisers of leisure entertainment. For example, this spring “Čiulba ulba” encourages to experience gastronomic routes “Po gardų kasnelį” (Delicious bites), “Atradimų skoniai Birštone” (Taste of discoveries in Birštonas) or “Birštono gurmanai” (Gourmands of Birštonas). Excursions linked to food discoveries are also organised by the team of “Birštonas tours”. 

“Participants of this cheerful excursions taste new meals and solve various tasks related to the culinary history of Birštonas, find out about gastronomic preferences of famous personalities of that period, for example, President Smetona, Balys Sruoga, Juzas-Tumas Vaižgantas, the then dietary catering and the principles of cooking applied by housewives in the intewar period. These cognitive excursions broaden visitors’ horizons and significantly enhance the map of Birštonas experiences,” intrigues Rūta Kapačinskaitė. 
Birštonas gastronomic competition will last until May 23. All information and voting are available on the website of Birštonas Tourist Information Centre.


Birštonas is a unique Lithuanian resort situated in the loops of the River Nemunas. Up to 90% of Birštonas municipality is located in the territory of the Nemunas Loops Regional Park, and the mineral water extracted from the underground is the key factor promoting the existence and growth of the resort of Birštonas.
Unique natural resources and the exceptional landscape of the locality have attracted tourists to visit Birštonas and its surroundings since the old times. The green woods in the loops of Nemunas remind of royal hunting, when the sound of the bugle of Vytautas the Great in Žvėrinčius Forest called the members of the then royal families of Europe. 
Birštonas is a Lithuanian resort offering international wellness services. It is famous for its unique nature, the Nemunas Loops, mineral waters and the royal origin. The resort has long been endowed with natural resources: gushing mineral water springs, therapeutic mud, clean air and salubrious climate. The resort prides itself on its mineral water, which is rich in bromine and recognised and valued throughout Europe.