Five New Places to Eat in Open Air in Birštonas

2018/07/18 Press release

This summer Birštonas offers its guests 29 places to eat. Five of them are new establishments that work only in the summer.

This summer Birštonas offers its guests 29 places to eat. Five of them are new establishments that work only in the summer. They offer delicious food al fresco. Located at the resort and in its surroundings, establishments offer a variety of dishes – from the most popular street snacks and healthy cocktails to the seasonal tasting menu offered by restaurants. 
It is noted that the one of this year’s trends in Birštonas is to open small establishments near the most popular points of the resort: Nemunas banks, Kneipp Park, ponds, etc. The newest catering establishments are "Prieplauka Pizza&Grill" pizzeria, "Vytautas Mineral SPA" terrace, "Royal SPA Residence" terrace, "Sezonai" stylized carriage and "Birštono Wake Park" burger diner. 

"During warm season visitors to the resort often wondered where one can take food for a takeaway or have a delicious dessert in Birštonas. It seems that there were always enough places to eat but the increasing flows of tourists dictated to businessmen the decision to open small and cosy places that meet the requirements of the resort just for the warm season - so it would be possible to taste dishes from the different cuisines in there", says Rūta Kapačinskaitė, director of the Tourism Information Center of Birštonas. 

"Prieplauka Pizza&Grill" Pizzeria
On the bank of the Nemunas there is a white dome where delicious pizzas are baked. In anticipation of a meal, guests can enjoy live music, a breath of fresh air and a view of passing tourist ships on Neman or resort guests enjoying different water activities. Pizzeria attracts visitors not only with delicious pizzas, but also a beautiful view of the banks of Nemunas, as well as the opportunity to admire the sunset.

"Vytautas Mineral SPA" Terrace
The terrace offers quick and delicious snacks for holidaymakers and gourmets seeking new tastes! This is the place where one can try high quality street food, where various live gigs will take place like music concerts, poetry readings, etc.  

Terrace owners are in process of constant experiments, so here you can enjoy different tastes and visit different parts of the world. The menu offers barbecue dishes with Mexican or Mediterranean sauces, fresh salads, meat kebabs and American hamburgers. Most importantly, everything is fresh and cooked on the spot. One can enjoy a meal at the tables in a comfortable dome or sitting on the lawn or on the shore of a pond.

"Royal SPA Residence" Terrace 
This is the realization of a long-standing idea - to create a space with the opportunity to admire the view of the Nemunas, breathe the scent of pines and hear the chirping of birds. The terrace is perfect blend of delicious food, wonderful view, games and pleasant time. On the "Royal SPA Residence" terrace various grilled dishes are being roasted in the presence of guests, and one can watch the process, play various outdoor games.

The terrace is open and waiting for visitors every day from 8 AM to 10 PM, and grilled dishes are served in the evening on Friday and Saturday, as well as Sunday afternoon.

"Sezonai" carriage
The stylized postal carriage is a small family venture. This is a place where they serve not only natural fruit, vegetable and berry cocktails, freshly squeezed juices, as well as "Kimbo", the most popular coffee in Naples. They also offer to taste Lithuanian dandelion, burdock, hawthorn root, acorn coffee or cannabis tea, known to be very beneficial for human body.

Guests of the resort cannot resist the smell of bubble wafers, as well as appetizing and very popular in Greece mini waffles. 

"Birštonas Wake Park’" Burger Diner 
Area near the ponds of Birštonas, where local people and holiday-makers preferring active holidays like to spend time. Guests who fell in love the wake park wanted to eat on the spot, and the very idea to open a diner was suggested by the visitors of the park themselves.

The owners of the Park, the burger lovers themselves had decided to start cooking them. Then they realized that a delicious burger requires: quality beef patty, good buttery buns and original sauce. The owners appreciate their vegetarian customers too: they are offered a choice of two vegetarian patties.

The burgers are cooked from Thursday to Sunday, and we offer ice cream, soft drinks or a cup of coffee every day.