Lithuania closes borders for 15 days due to COVID-19

2020/03/15 Litauische Nachrichten

Starting on March 16, 00:00, Lithuania is announcing a nationwide quarantine. Foreign citizens, except those having a residence or work permit, will be barred from entering the country for the subsequent 15 days. These terms may be reassessed during or after the announced quarantine period.

Foreign citizens that are exempt from the ruling are those that have a valid residence permit, truck drivers, diplomats, NATO enlisted and support personnel as well as their family members. Until March 19, the transit of people returning home to a third country through Lithuania will be allowed.

The departure of Lithuanian citizens and permanent residents to high-risk countries, the list of which can be accessed here, will also be suspended, but cargo transportation will continue. There are no restrictions on return for Lithuanian citizens, but they will have to self-isolate for 14 days upon return.

So far, Lithuania registered only 9 cases of COVID-19 infections. The government has gradually rolled out pre-emptive measures to mitigate the spread of the disease. Find more about the measures here.

As of March 14, four EU  countries have officially notified the temporary reintroduction of border control, namely the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria and Poland. Other EU Schengen Member States are also considering similar measures.